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Complete office software for tunnel surveys

Trimble Business Center Tunneling module provides a full feature set for surveyors to support the construction from start to finish.

Tunnel Design and Data Prep
As-Built Analysis and Reporting
  • Support all tunnel geometry elements including alignments, templates, profiles, rotations, and offsets
  • Visualize multiple tunnel designs and profiles in one project
  • Automatically create tunnel designs from imported CAD files
  • Comprehensive reports showing cross-section, plan, and deviation sections
  • Efficiently report on over and underbreak areas and volumes utilizing total station or scan data
  • Customize reports using simple Microsoft Word templates


Trimble Business Center Tunneling module provides a full feature set for surveyors to support the construction from start to finish. Work with Trimble Access Tunnels field software and leverage TBC's point cloud and reporting tools for tunnel survey workflows and deliverables. 

Combine all survey data including total station, level, and scanning to control the tunnel network, reporting on construction processes, and monitoring for convergence. 

Underground Mine



Tasks for the entire tunnel project

The TBC Tunneling module provides features for the entire tunnel survey:

  • Design and data preparation supporting alignments, templates, profiles, superelevation, rotation, offsets, and station equations
  • Input of set out points for field stakeout such as rockbolts, anchors, blast holes, and other key features
  • As-built reporting to verify over and underbreak on excavation and shotcrete control
  • Heat map inspection analysis to determine shotcrete thickness, smoothness, and conformance to design
  • 3D visualization of design and as-built mesh to quality control collected survey data
  • Drafting and CAD deliverables to supply clients and stakeholders with data in the format they need




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Utilize Trimble Business Center throughout the tunnel project including:

  • Data preparation for rockbolt and anchor setout
  • Shotcrete and excavation conformance reporting
  • TBM as-built reporting and analysis
  • Convergence monitoring and reporting

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