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All day, every day. What professionals use to survey in the field.

Trimble® Access™ continues to be the leading field software professional surveyors use around the world.

  • Easily set up a station.
  • Measure the backsight and all foresight targets and save their details to the job for subsequent site visits.
  • Add points to monitor by measuring, keying in, or importing from a .csv file.
  • Define measurement parameters such as epoch interval and tolerance.
Define Tunnel Designs
Automate As-Built Collection and Review
Construction Positioning and Set Out
Field and Office Connectivity
  • Define tunnel geometry for the design including alignments, templates, profiles, offsets, rotations, and station equations
  • Key in set-out positions for rockbolts, anchors, blast holes, and other tunnel features
  • Review design elements in powerful plan and cross-section views.
  • Automate the measurement of as-built profiles using the S-series robotic total station 
  • Review measured data to report on over and underbreak values for construction quality control
  • Measure points through an iterative process that ensures data is collected on-station even when encountering irregular surfaces
  • Create in-field as-built reports to assess the excavation, shotcrete, and lining process
  • Automate stake out of key tunnel features such as rockbolts, anchors, blast holes, and other tunnel features using the S-series laser pointer
  • Position construction equipment such as roadheaders and drilling jumbos using the S-series laser pointer and design alignment
  • Report on deltas between staked location and design point for quality control
  • Seamlessly transfer designs and survey data between Trimble Access and TBC
  • Utilizing Trimble Sync Manager to communicate designs and data between the field and office
  • Generate in-field reports for construction control and quality that can be shared with stakeholders and clients


The Trimble® Access Tunnels application includes powerful tools to define, survey, stakeout, and report on tunnel operations. The easy-to-use interface guides you through tasks such as marking areas of underbreak and overbreak, and positioning machinery.



Define your Tunnel

  • Refine tunnel components including horizontal and vertical alignments, templates, and rotation, or import a definition from a LandXML file.
  • Define end-face blast holes and set-out positions typically used for bolt holes.
  • Review the tunnel before going underground.


  • Auto scan cross sections including options to manually measure and delete points.
  • Measure positions relative to the tunnel definition.
  • Set out pre-defined positions.
  • Position machinery, typically a drilling rig, relative to the tunnel.

Output and Reports

  • Review auto scanned, set out, and manually measured points
  • You can generate reports for your surveyed tunnel while in the field. Use these reports to check data in the field, or to transfer data from the field to your client or to the office for further processing with office software.


The Trimble Access 2020 Tunnels software on Windows controllers supports all the instruments supported by Trimble Access including: 

  • Trimble SX10 scanning total stations
  • Trimble S Series total stations
  • Trimble VX spatial stations